5. Using the VMware vSphere Web Client

In this lab you can learn how to navigate the vSphere web client. The vSphere web client displays perspectives and actions for objects in the navigator in a consistent manner. To begin with 1st you have to open your web browser and connect to the vCenter Server appliance management page for that you have to …


Screen Casting

NET 701 Module 6  Screen Casting Creating LUNs Lab 25 Screen Casting VMware vSphere Update Manager NET 702 Lab 4: Configuring the System to use Simple Queue Service ADDS: Deploy and Automate AD DS with AWS Directory Service on AWS Cloud System  

24. VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

In this lab you will learn how to create Load imbalance, create a DRS cluster, Verify proper DRS cluster functionality, create/test/ and disable a VM-VM affinity rule, create test/and disable an anti-affinity rule, Create/test/and disable a virtual machines to hosts affinity rule. A DRS cluster is a collection of VMware ESXi host and associated virtual …