4. Getting started with basic network administration

This module is all about creating and configuring Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) on the storage system.

Now lets create a NFSvol
In the NetApp System manager in the left pane you can see configuration > System Tools> Licenses
click on the Add button, a license dialog box will appear. Type this license key there “KSPKAUTQACAAAAXAGAAAAAAAAAAA”  when you add always make sure that it is listed on the NetApp system Manager.
After the licensing part is done its time to export a volume. to do this you have to click on storage> Exports
after all the steps are done correctly you can click modify and create. After its created it will be appeared in the Exports.
By using the CLI you can Export volumes and you can check the volumes which are already exported. to check the exported files you have to type rdfile /etc/exports.
Lets create a NFSvol in CLI, to create a NFSvol you have to type this code vol create NFSvol aggr1 100m and you can see the NFSvol has been exported or not by using the above command.
it is possible to check the exports that is currently exported by using the command exports -a.

now lets create a qtree using the CLI


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