1. Install VMware vSphere GUI / 2. Configuring VMware ESXi

In this Lab you can learn how to install the vSphere Client (GUI)

By using VMware vSphere Client you can allow users to connect to vCenter Server or you can allow users to remotely connect to ESXi.
*To install VMware vSphere client it is important install Net framework 3.5
*You can download this software from VMware Official site or you can use a third party site.

–> Double click on the autorun.exe and click run
–> After clicking the auto run you will get a screen like the below picture wait for couple seconds it will take small time.


click next as it shown on the below image and agree the license agreement and click next . and choose the destination folder you want to install it and click next.


After the installation is done you can click on finish


When the installation is finished you can click on the VMware vSphere software logo on the desktop. As it shown in the below image you have click on the VMware logo and it will pop up the login page for your vSphere Client. provide the default username as root and the password would be the password you typed when you were configuring it. when you are done giving the credentials hit enter and you will get an security warning window just click on ignore and move forward. check the below image to proceed with the security warning.


As in the below image when you logged in to your vSphere Client you can see all the features and options which are available. to check the host hardware health you have to go to the configuration tab > click on sensor  list in the hardware list click on processors and you can see all the information regarding hardware, processors and memory.


The below image will help you to configure the DNS and Routing Information for the ESXi host. to change these you have to go to the software panel and click on DNS and Routing link and click on properties the DNS and configuration panel will appear, now you have to verify your domain name and give the DNS and type ok .


The image below will tell shows about how to configure Esxi as Host client. go to software panel click on time configuration and click on properties and fill the necessary details and click ok


The image below will show how to configure the ESXi host to use Directory Services to configure you have to go to the Software panel and click on Authentication Services and click on properties fill the necessary details.


when all these steps are properly done. The Lab is completed.

Conclusion : After completing the lab you will know how to install VMware vSphere client, how to add your exsi host to domain, how to add DNS and how to configure NTP client.


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