10. Accessing NFS Storage

In this lab you will learn how to configure Access to NFS datastores and how to view the NFS Storage Implementation.

Network File System (NFS) will allow system administrators or the users to get connected to all the portion of a file system on the server. RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) is used to route requests between the servers and the client.

To create a NFS storage you have to go to vCenter > Storage > Datacenter you created and click on related objects and select Datastores.


In the Datastores pane click on the Create new datastore icon to create a NFS storage.


The below images will take you through the steps to create your storage.

The location will be your datacenter which you have created and click next.


when you are selecting the type of the storage select the NFS radio button.


For the Datastore name type NFS-your name as you can see the image i have typed my name. for the NFS share details give your DataONTAP IP Address and give the correct share folder.


For host accessibility tick on your esxi host and click next.


when the configuration is done properly click on finish button and check if your storage get created.


As you can see the below pic it shows that it has been created and it connected to the ESXi.



when all the above steps are completed your lab is completed.


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