11. Managing VMware vSphere VMFS

In this Lab you will learn how to change the name of your VMFS datastore, How to create a VMFS datastore, Review the shared storage configuration, Expand a VMFS datastore and consume unused space on a LUN, remove and extend VMFS datastore.

VMFS  datastores used as repositories for VMs (Virtual Machines). VMFS Datastores can be setup any SCSI-based storage devices that is discovered by the host. this includes iSCSI, Fiber Channel, and local storage devices.

To start with the lab you have to rename a local datastore and right click on it and select rename and rename it to Local-Esxi## and the ##= to your exsi host number. As you can see i have give Local-Exsi1 and click ok.


To display the shared information you have to go to host and clusters > Lab Servers > Our Esxi host name and click on manage tab and click on storage.  when you click on storage you can see the storage adapters and select the iSCSI software adapter you created earlier. and go to adapter details and click on the path tab to check if the LUN is available or not. As you can see the below image it shows that the LUN is available.


Now lets create a VMFS datastore.

Go to vCenter > Host and Clusters > Lab Servers > and your exsi host name. right click on your Exsi host name and select New Datastore.

Make sure that you have your EXSi host is listed and click on next. The type should be VMFS and click Next.


for the datastore name give PrivateVMFS-## and i have give PrivateVMFS-1 as my datastore name. select your datastore and click next.



the VMFS version should be VMFS5 and click on next.


at the partition configuration give the datastore size click on Next.


when its ready complete click on Finish and your VMFS datastore will be created.



when you have created your privateVMFS you can increase your unused space to do this you have to click on your privateVMFS go to manage tab click on settings in general properties you can see at the right corner there’s a button called increase and you have to click on it.


when you click on increase you will get a window like this and select your datastore and click on next.


in this window you can give the unused space and click on next.


when it’s all done click on finish.



when all the steps are completed your lab 11 is completed.


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