12.Use Templates and Clones

In this Lab you will learn how to create a template, create customization specification, how to deploy a virtual machine from template, clone a virtual machine that is powered on.

To create a template go to vCenter > Virtual Machines


right click your virtual machine name and power it off. after it get power off move


when the machine is turned off right click on the machine go to all vcenter actions > click on convert to template


when the template is created move it to the templates folder which you have created earlier.



go to vmfolder expand the folders and click on template right click on the template you created and rename it to your_name template as you can see in the below picture i have renamed it to shanith template.


Customer specification is important because it stores computer name, workgroups, domain settings and licensing information. Mainly you create a customer specification for the purpose of template deployment.

Now lets create a customer specification.

Go to Home and in the monitoring panel you can find Customization Specification Manager and click on create new specification icon.

In specify Properties in target VM operating system click on the drop down button and select the OS you want, i have selected Windows and click next.


In the set registration Information type VMware student as the Name and VMware as the Organization.


in the set computer select the option use the virtual machine name and click next.


In enter windows license provide the license of the OS you chose and click next.


set administrator password (any password you like) and click next.


choose the appropriate time zone where you live and click next.


leave the default settings and click on next.


In configure Network tick on the radio button which says use standard network settings or customize properties for each network interface.


set the machine on workgroup or on domain and click next.


when all the settings are configured properly click on finish.


now lets deploy a machine using customer specification.  to deploy a machine go to vCenter > VM Templates you have to right click on your virtual template you created earlier and select deploy VM from this Template.


When you click on the deploy VM from this template you have to provide a name and select the folder that you going to deploy the VM.



select your esxi host by expanding Lab servers and click next.


select the storage that you going to use and click on next.


in clone Opitons select customize the operating system and power on virtual machine after creation. and click next.


Customize guest OS select the custom specification you created earlier and click next. and when its ready click on finish.


After when you click on finish you can see that your machine will be turned on automatically.


Cloning is creating a duplicate machine with the same configurations and installed software as the original machine. you can clone while the machine is on/off or in a suspended.

Now lets start cloning a machine.
Right click on the machine and click on clone to virtual machine. and click next and in the name and the folder its the same procedure as the above.


Choose the correct esxi and click next.


Select the correct storage and click next.


select the customer specification you created and click next.


when you have configured it properly your machine will be there.
If you have completed the following above labs properly then You have completed Lab 12.


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