13.Modifying a Virtual Machine

In this module you will lean about how to increase the size of the VMDK File, Adjust memory allocation on a virtual machine, Rename a virtual Machine in the vCenter server inventory, add a raw lun to a Virtual machine and how to expand the thin-provisioned Disk.

To increase the size of a VMDK file 1st we have to vCenter and Virtual Machines right click on your powered on virtual machine select edit settings.


select the Hard disk 1 and type 3GB and click on ok and your hard disk size will change when you click on ok but it will be in unallocated space.



Log in to the virtual machine and go to disk management when you go to disk management you can see the unallocated space. right click on your C: drive and click on extend volume and click ok. when that is done go to my computer and check if it did get changed.


To adjust the memory you will have to follow the same procedure but this time you have to select Memory and change it. i have given 1024MB and i increaed it to 1256MB. click on ok and right click on my computer and select properties and you can check the memory you have given, it has been changed.




To expand a thin provisioned virtual disk you have to right click and power off the machine. Then go to Storage and Datacenter.


Right click on the datastore and select on browse files. open the folder for the virtual machine that you have named.


right click on your_name.vmdk file and select Inflate and wait for the operation to be finished.


When the process is done click on your machine and go to summary tab and you will be able to see the difference. Check the image below check the hard disk capacity and the storage usage.


when everything is configured properly your lab 13 is done.


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