16.Managing VMware vSphere vApps

In this lab you will learn how to create a vApp, power on a vApp and how to remove a vApp which you have created.

VMware vSphere vApp is a resource pool, it is a container and it can contain one or more virtual machines. It also shares the some of the functionalities with the virtual machines.

To create a vApp we have to go to vCenter > vApps and click on the Create a New vApp icon. and give the name as your name-vApp, i have give Shanith-vApp as my vApp name.



Select the destination as your ESXi host and click next.


In the resource allocation leave the configurations default and click on next.


when it’s ready to complete click on Finish.


to check if the vApp has been created you can go and check it. Go to vCenter click on Lab clusters or the VMS and Templates.


you can drag your virtual machines in to the vApp. to expand the vApp click on related objects.



right click on the vApp and select edit settings and change the value in the startup sequence. And you can power on and power off the vApp .


If you do not need vApp by right clicking on to it and selecting delete from the disk.


when all the configurations are completed your lab 16 is done.


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