20. Using Alarms

In this lab you will learn how to create virtual machine alarm that monitors for a condition, trigger a virtual machine alarms and acknowledge the alarms, disable virtual machine alarms, Creating a virtual machine alarm that monitors for an event.

Alarms are notifications that will occur in response to selected events , conditions, and states that occur with the objects in the inventory.

To create a alarm you have to go to vCenter> Host and Clusters > select your virtual machine and go to manage tab and select Alarm definitions.


Click on the add icon which is in the alarm definition pane. Perform the following action on the alarm settings dialog box. type VM CPU Usage – your name as for me i have typed as VM CPU Usage – shanith > the description column leave it blank.


on the trigger tab click on add leave the rest default and click on next.





configure the following actions on the settings.

Green to yellow select once from the list.
yellow to Red change the setting from once to no value.
Red to yellow leave the default blank space.
yellow to green leave the default blank space.


To trigger an Alarms you have to click on trigger alarm button and you will get warning message to check the warning message you have to click on the machine and click on monitor and issues tab in this tab you will be able to see the warning message which got triggered. the warning message is showed in the below image.


You can see the warning messages by clicking the summary tab as well it will show the acknowledge option as well as the reset to green option.

when the all tasks are done it is necessary to disable the virtual machine alarms you have created.




when all the steps are completed you are done with Lab 20.


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