3. Working with Virtual Machines

In this Lab you will learn how to create a virtual Machine and how to install a guest operating System, Identify the virtual Machine disk format and usage statistics, Install tools on a virtual Machine installed with a Windows OS.

You can create machines either by using VMware vSphere web client or the VMware vSphere client. According to the lab instruction it is stated to use the vSphere client to create a machine.

to begin with click on home and click on the inventory icon, right click your ESXi host and click on create new virtual Machine. Below images will guide you to create a new virtual machine.

when the configuration tab appears click on custom .


Give any name you like for your virtual machine and click next. The image below shows the datastores that which are available to you therefore select your datastore and click next.


The below image shows about the virtual machine version keep it default and click on next.


you have to choose the suitable guest operating system and click next.


Number of Virtual processors keep it default and click on next.


In the memory give any amount of MB/GB according to your storage size which you have created.


Keep default configurations for NIC 1 Network and click next.


keep the default configuration for the NIC 1 adapter as well.


SCSi controller keep the default configurations and move forward.


Give any size for your disk according to your storage size and make sure that you will click on the thin provision button.
*ESXi supports thin provisioning To help avoid over-allocating storage space and save storage.



Advance keep it as default and click next.


when ready to complete click on finish and your is created.


click on the cd/dvd drive which is on esxi and select connect to iso image on datastore.


when you clicked on connect to ISO image on datastore you will get browse datastores click on the correct database and select the iso file and power on the machine and start installing.


when all these steps are done lab 3 is completed.

Conclusion: In this lab you got to know how to create a virtual machine and how to allocate the memory/ disk and the network adapters.


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