8. Standard Virtual Switches

In this Lab you will learn how to view the current standard switch configurations, how to create a standard Switch with a virtual machine port group and how to attach your virtual machine to a new virtual machine port group.

You can use standard switches to combine the bandwidth of multiple network adapters and balance communications traffic among them. You can also configure a standard switch to handle physical NIC fail-over. A standard switch can bridge traffic internally between virtual machines in the same port group and link to external networks.

to begin with the task you have to go to vCenter> Host and Clusters > Lab Servers> Your Esxi Host Name.

Click on Add host networking which is the first icon on the left.



select the connection type Virtual machine port group for a standard switch and click next. Select the target device New standard switch and Click Next. create a new standard switch click on the green plus sign and select the available VMnic click ok and next.


In the Connection settings >
type Production as the network label> click Next > Finish.


As you can see in the below picture you will get an out put like the above picture when the all configurations are done properly.

Errors you might face: If you do not have a extra network switch you will not see the available VMnics so make sure that you always have a extra switch.

To Attach your virtual machine to a new network port is shown in the above picture. you have to go to vCenter> VM and Templates > Lab VMs> right click on your virtual machine > go to network adapter setting select production from the drop down menu and click ok.


when these steps are completed Lab 8 is done.


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