5. Using the VMware vSphere Web Client

In this lab you can learn how to navigate the vSphere web client.

The vSphere web client displays perspectives and actions for objects in the navigator in a consistent manner.

To begin with 1st you have to open your web browser and connect to the vCenter Server appliance management page for that you have to use this link:

The below image shows how does the vCenter page shows up. in this page you have to use administrator@vsphere.local as your username and for the password what you assigned when you were configuring it.


When you log in click on vCenter > Host and clusters expand your datacenter you created double click it you will be able to see all information about hosts, clusters, VM Templates and ETC….


7 this symbol shows the pin option        7 this symbol show how to expand



most inventory objects have getting started tabs  and these can be hidden go to help and from drop down menu select Hide all getting started pages or you can do the opposite by selecting Show all getting Started Pages.


To upgrade virtual machine Hardware right click on your virtual machine and click on upgrade expand it and select schedule VM compatibility upgrade, but you should make sure the compatible reads ESXi5.5 and later.




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