2nd WEEK

Day 1

In the day 1 of the second week , Mr Reza Khaleghparast (IT Lecturer Global campus) has taken our class on Internet of Things (IoT). The main idea behind of this was to draw our attention more towards implementation. But i was more in to research. One video was played in the class in order to introduce us to IoT the video is shown below.

After the introduction he gave an important lecture on IoT and he showed some IoT devices such as raspberry pi, AWS Alexa, circuits, smart bulb which is operated by IoT.

Day 2

In the 2nd week i talked more about my topic with my supervisor and i started writing my project proposal. To begin with my project proposal i went through some project proposal samples which were on the internet. After going through all the samples i started searching information that is related to the research topic i’m working on and it would help me to write a good proposal. some links i followed to write my research report proposal.

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Komperda, T. (2012, December 17). Virtualization Security. Retrieved May 12, 2017, from INFOSEC INSTITUTE: http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/virtualization-security-2/#gref

VMware. (n.d.). VMware Virtualization. Retrieved May 05, 2017, from VMware: http://www.vmware.com/solutions/virtualization.html



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