4th WEEK

Day 1

In this week i have to defend my topic. Therefore i have to present my topic using a power-point presentation. To create the power point presentation, my supervisor gave the guidelines how the presentation should be done. here the guide line that was given by my supervisor in order to prepare it.

  • Minimum 10 slides
  • The presentation should be up to 5 minutes
  • Details such as name, student ID, supervisor name should be on the introduction slide.

So i started creating a power point presentation. I was eagerly waiting for the feedback from the nelson as well.


As the second day arrived it was our presentation day. I was a bit nervous. we were marked for the presentation.

My supervisor distributed marking sheets to mark each ones presentation. I was the 4th person to do the presentation. i managed to do my presentation in time, and i was so happy.

After the presentation was over, my supervisor posted the table of content in the moodle so we can start on creating our table of content by week 5.


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