Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA Modules)

Module 1 : Installing the DataONTAP simulator

This Module is all about creating the ONTAP environment. In this you will play around with the  ONTAP simulator that is created. To create the environment you need to click DataONTAP.vmx file from the data center which is allocated to you and then right click it, and click on Register VM.


After the registration there are some configurations settings to be done in the edit settings go to Manage Other disks > Delete the disk 4 and Add a New Disk by click add device at the bottom.


after this is done you have to do some configuration in the parameters in the same edit settings in that you have to select VMoptions in there you have to click on advance>Edit Configuration


by selecting edit configuration you have to add another 2 parameters in to the list.
they are :pciBridge0.pciSlotNumber=16


After these steps are done you can turn on your DataONTAP machine, without doing the above steps you won’t be able to turn on the above machine. when the machine is turned on you have follow these steps to configure your DataONTAP and to complete these steps you have to be so patience. The steps are:
1. When the machine get started you have to go to the boot menu by pressing clt+c
When the booting menu appears you have to press  4th option in the boot menu which is “Clean configuration and initialize all disks“.


To make the disks available 1st of all you have to clean all the disks. when you press 4 it will ask you twice for the confirmation of cleaning disks therefore you should press “Y” for both times. but you should be really patience because it will take some time to execute approximately 30 mints but if you have high performance processors it will only take 10-15mints.

when the above step is completed you have to follow some commands to create you vSim.Codes


when the above steps are completed properly without any error your vSim is done!

The Errors You might Face
Well  errors can be prevented if you are really patient with the process. but the error i faced was the storage that i have allocated to vSim it has taken almost all the storage space. therefore i had utilize the remaining space very carefully but sadly it didn’t work out, therefore i had to start all over again.